International Business


International Business


Many companies consider themselves to be in “International Business.” Companies like software giant IBM have won the respect and trust of those all around the world. They are a huge technology company offering software, hardware, and services one may need. Whenever someone hears “IBM” they most likely think of the monster company dominating the technology world.

Search Engine Optimization

Another business that can take place all around the world is search engine optimization. This is the process of increasing websites’ rankings on search engines like Google. Many companies like Page Machines SEO deliver SEO to hard working companies in the hopes of increasing customer volume by giving the company more visibility on the internet. Search engine optimization can be performed anywhere around the world because the work and results are all on the internet.

Real Estate

The real estate market is turning towards getting much of there clientele through the internet. Especially with high-paying and overseas clients, the internet makes getting in touch with your target market that much simpler. Companies like Miami Real Estate take advantage of the internet to increase customer volume.


Tutoring is another lucrative business that can be done online. With the likes of taking advantage of this market, many students are looking towards the internet for school help. Why wouldn’t they? The web is full of just about any resource you need and is not stopping when it comes to tutoring. This is done a lot with tutoring companies now turning to the internet as their main source of customers when just a few years ago this wasn’t the case at all. Some parents get discouraged when hearing that their child is going to be tutored online; the concerns are normal but online tutoring actually has about the same results when compared to in-person tutoring.



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